Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Give Me An Honest Tart Any Day

I know its been a couple of weeks since they have merged from under their respective stones but I still cannot get their brazenness out of my head. And I probably won't until I take pen to paper (metaphorically speaking).

The thing that gets me most about the "cash for influence crew" (Byers, Hewitt and Hoon) is not so much the fact that they were lining up like so many dockside whores to sell themselves to the highest bidder. No, it's more that these creatures and their appalling compatriots have spent the last thirteen years (unlucky for some)emptying a deluge of new laws over our heads to make sure that we are not homophobic, that we eat what they tell us to eat, think only what they want us to believe and never ever so much as pat a child on the head.

All of this, of course, implies that they are our moral guardians, which, in turn, implies that they are our moral superiors.

Taking moral guidance from this bunch would be as sensible as asking for advice on sexual abstinence from your local alley cat!

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