Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Salmond's Numeracy Problem

Why is Alex Salmond still so intent on bringing more and more immigrants into this country and will he and his party learn nothing from the Glasgow High Rise Tragedy?

He seems to think that we need somewhere in the region of 26,000 new immigrants a year to make up for Scotland's falling birthrate. Quite apart from the fact that the birthrate is NOT falling, his obsession with that figure is one of those things that make you wonder about Salmond - and worry!

Can the man not count? Does he not realise that, relative to Scotland's size, that is a huge number and definetely not sustainable over a period of, say, ten years.

No, of course he doesn't. On planet Salmond gesturing and posturing are everything and cold, hard and unsexy facts come a long way second.

What's worse is that he seems to share the same grubby, treacherous intentions As New Labour (see previous posting for character references) in that he hopes that those immigrants will overwhelmingly turn out to be S.N.P. supporters and just to seal the deal he intends to offer them free membership of the S.N.P. party.

Sensible planned immigration that benefits immigrant and host country equally is one thing, but to play with people's lives to promote your own prospects is.........well you supply the words because they fail me!

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