Friday, 9 April 2010

Brown At Bay

Just when I was sure that the B.B.C. (Brown's Broadcasting Champions) were irredeemably pro New Labour along comes the To-day programme and my doubts start to resurface.

On Thursday morning our dear leader, Gordon Brown, felt the full measure of John Humphrey's inquisitorial skills as he was skewered over his refusal to repeat the word "deceit" in connection with the NI row and business leaders reactions to it. Brown blustered like a schoolboy trying to explain his missing homework.

To - day on the programme of the same name David Cameron was questioned by lightweight Evan Davies. Cameron was assured and credible, at no time flustered and Davies didn't so much as lay a glove on him, if I may be permitted a boxing metaphor.

Now maybe I am reading too much into all this. Maybe Humphrey's was indisposed to-day or perhaps he has succumbed to election exhaustion already but, ever the optimist, I want to believe that venerable institution is the same even handed,fair minded B.B.C. that glowed throughout my dim and distant yoof and maybe, just maybe, those two interviews were the old girls way of evening up the imbalances of the recent past!

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