Monday, 19 April 2010

Cleggo Washes Whiter!!!!!!!

We blame our politicians (often quite rightly) for our democratic deficit but we should shoulder our fair share of the blame too!

Witness the insane love affair with Nick Clegg all because of one appearance on T.V., more notable for the fact that he didn't "fall flat on his face" than for anything he said.

Anyone who thinks that, given the taste of power, even at one remove, he will not ingratiate himself with Labour, and so deny the U.K. its full measure of democracy,is sadly mistaken.

The LibDems have form where the aforementioned is concerned.

If "Rinso Clegg" is the answer, heaven knows what the question was!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Lost In The Post?

I see that there are now fears that the troops in Afghanistan may be disenfranchised, at least as far as this election is concerned.

It seems that there will not be enough time to make sure that all there votes arrive back in Blighty in time for counting. Something about the availability of helicopters!!!!

What? Whaaaaaaat!!! Does no one plan ahead these days. Is there no-one bothered enough to make sure that those who put their lives on the line to bring democracy to others have the chance to contribute to the democratic process in their own country?

It wouldn't be anything to do with the fact that Labour fear the overwhelming majority of the troops will NOT be voting for Labour? No, of course not, silly cynical me

Friday, 9 April 2010

Brown At Bay

Just when I was sure that the B.B.C. (Brown's Broadcasting Champions) were irredeemably pro New Labour along comes the To-day programme and my doubts start to resurface.

On Thursday morning our dear leader, Gordon Brown, felt the full measure of John Humphrey's inquisitorial skills as he was skewered over his refusal to repeat the word "deceit" in connection with the NI row and business leaders reactions to it. Brown blustered like a schoolboy trying to explain his missing homework.

To - day on the programme of the same name David Cameron was questioned by lightweight Evan Davies. Cameron was assured and credible, at no time flustered and Davies didn't so much as lay a glove on him, if I may be permitted a boxing metaphor.

Now maybe I am reading too much into all this. Maybe Humphrey's was indisposed to-day or perhaps he has succumbed to election exhaustion already but, ever the optimist, I want to believe that venerable institution is the same even handed,fair minded B.B.C. that glowed throughout my dim and distant yoof and maybe, just maybe, those two interviews were the old girls way of evening up the imbalances of the recent past!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Salmond's Numeracy Problem

Why is Alex Salmond still so intent on bringing more and more immigrants into this country and will he and his party learn nothing from the Glasgow High Rise Tragedy?

He seems to think that we need somewhere in the region of 26,000 new immigrants a year to make up for Scotland's falling birthrate. Quite apart from the fact that the birthrate is NOT falling, his obsession with that figure is one of those things that make you wonder about Salmond - and worry!

Can the man not count? Does he not realise that, relative to Scotland's size, that is a huge number and definetely not sustainable over a period of, say, ten years.

No, of course he doesn't. On planet Salmond gesturing and posturing are everything and cold, hard and unsexy facts come a long way second.

What's worse is that he seems to share the same grubby, treacherous intentions As New Labour (see previous posting for character references) in that he hopes that those immigrants will overwhelmingly turn out to be S.N.P. supporters and just to seal the deal he intends to offer them free membership of the S.N.P. party.

Sensible planned immigration that benefits immigrant and host country equally is one thing, but to play with people's lives to promote your own prospects is.........well you supply the words because they fail me!

Give Me An Honest Tart Any Day

I know its been a couple of weeks since they have merged from under their respective stones but I still cannot get their brazenness out of my head. And I probably won't until I take pen to paper (metaphorically speaking).

The thing that gets me most about the "cash for influence crew" (Byers, Hewitt and Hoon) is not so much the fact that they were lining up like so many dockside whores to sell themselves to the highest bidder. No, it's more that these creatures and their appalling compatriots have spent the last thirteen years (unlucky for some)emptying a deluge of new laws over our heads to make sure that we are not homophobic, that we eat what they tell us to eat, think only what they want us to believe and never ever so much as pat a child on the head.

All of this, of course, implies that they are our moral guardians, which, in turn, implies that they are our moral superiors.

Taking moral guidance from this bunch would be as sensible as asking for advice on sexual abstinence from your local alley cat!